Forts in Goa

Aguada Fort
This was built of laterite and lies to the west of Reis Magos. It is the largest and the best preserved forts in Goa. It was built in 1612 to guard the entrance to the Mandovi River. For the ships that sailed from Portugal, it was the first stop after a long journey for fresh water supplies before moving inland. Today it houses the state prison. There is an old light house that stands in the middle of the fort and it was built in 1864.

Reis Magos Fort
This is situated about two miles to the northeast of Fort Aguada. It was constructed in 1551 by Portuguese to guard the entrance to Goa at the narrowest part of the Mandovi River. It was re-erected in 1707.

Chapora Fort
This fort lies at Chapora, which is on the southern tip of the Chapora River as it opens into the Arabian Sea. It marks the end of the coastline that extends from Fort Aguada. It was built in 1617 by the Portuguese.